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Resources: Day Zero

Another day, another amazon package. Take off the packaging it was mailed in to open another package, and your item is still wrapped up. You check, and most of it says it is recyclable, so you toss it in the recycling bin. But it still feels wrong.

I had heard of Zero Waste for a long time. I don’t imagine I’m going to actually ever hit zero, but hell, worth a shot. My last apartment I was in – when I could better have an idea of my own individual footprint – showed me that I had a lot of waste. My roommate and I, who were both aware of our footprints, had bag after bag of trash. No kids, no spouses. Just us.

I’m a working ‘professional’, so to say. As in I work M-F from 8-5. It takes me 30 minutes to commute each way. I had dived into minimalism when I was an undergraduate student. And while that was joyous… the last 4 years of being a full-time employee with an active social life is forcing me to shift my priorities. “Using less” has stopped being as important as it once was.

However, I’m on a mission to get my waste down. Cut back, use less. It won’t look the same as stay-at-home moms. And it will look vastly different from full-time working mothers. Our jobs, both time constraining, are different ones. The focus in life is different. No children, no spouse: just me.

I live in San Diego. Notably, I live a 3 minute drive from Ocean Beach. If you know anything about Ocean Beach, you know that I have resources on my side. That’s another thing: living in the city provides a different set of resources.

Below is some information I have found to help me kickstart this journey. One step at a time.

A Beginner’s Guide to Zero Waste Living
– The advice in here is GREAT, and I’m going to expand on it later for my personal use.

Zero Waste Swaps

OB People’s Food
– Where I will likely end up this week to get myself some bulk or low waste body wash, etc.

EarthWell Refill
– Another San Diego option for the above. Closer to where I used to live, but worth checking out.

Litterless – Where to Shop

Zero Waste Shops

If you happen to have stumbled upon this blog – post your own favorite tips, guides, or resources in the comments.





Jaymie is a San Diego native with a weakness for Starbucks Iced Coffees, rainbow flip flops, and oversized sweaters.

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